Digital Booth

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Maijdee Digital Booth
  Maijdee Pouro Super Market, Main Road,
Maijdee Court, Ward No-04,
Noakhali Pouroshova, PS-Shudharam,

Dagon Bhuiyan Digital Booth
  Khair Shopping Complex, Fazilaer Ghat Road,
Dagon Bhuiyan, Feni.

Bogura Digital Booth
  Rabu Tower,2nd Floor(West Side), 739/A, Borogola,
Bogura Rangpur Road, Bogura.

Digital booth is a small version of a branch office offering the same services & facilities of a branch. It is controlled by the corporate office or branch office.

 Online and manual BO A/C opening and closing.
 Share trading facility.
 Internet trading Service (ITS).
 Fund deposit and requisition service.
 Conduct Awareness and financial literacy program.
 Various training programs for a new investor as well as existing investor.

Currently, we are accredited for two digital booths are Maijdee Court and Dagon Bhuiyan. Few more are on the process for opening in various locations in Bangladesh.

A digital booth follows same timing the branches of OSL follow. Usually it is 9:30 AM to 5: 30 PM from Sunday to Thursday. (Trading time is from 10 am to 2:30 pm).

 Account Opening
 Trading Facilities
 Transaction Statements and Ledgers
 Financial Literacy Programs
 Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
 IPO Application Through Digital Platform
 BO Account opening and closing services (online and offline)
 Offline Stock Trading through authorized representative.
 Transactions disposal related services.
 Investor Awareness Programs.
 Deposit and withdrawal of funds from your B/O account through BEFTN or Cheques.